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Music Boxes,  Musical Jewellery Boxes, Childrens Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes, Musical Carousels & Music Gifts

Welcome to our Music Box, Jewellery Box & Gift Catalogue

We are proud to present to you our range of beautiful music boxes, musical jewellery boxes & music box gifts each carefully selected & manufactured by skilled craftsmen for you to enjoy as either a collector or as a special gift for a loved one.

Our musical products include prestigious Swiss Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes & Luxury Wooden Inlaid Musical Jewellery Boxes as well as a beautiful range of Children's Music Boxes, Ballerina Music Boxes, Musical Carousels, Music Gifts and Collectables that are sure to make perfect gift ideas. We also have other unique gifts including kaleidoscopes & jewellery.

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Musical Boxes
During 1796 Antoine Favre gave birth to the mechanical music box in Switzerland. Comprising of a revolving cylinder intricately set with pins arranging the musical score that in turn pluck at tuned teeth on a steel comb. Our music boxes are based on the same principals used over 200 years of music box manufacture. Our completed wooden inlaid boxes are at the luxury end of the music box market & the music box movement is fitted into beautifully inlaid wooden boxes made to enhance the sound of the musical movement. A truly exquisite gift that will surely become an heirloom music box of the future.

Music Boxes & Jewellery Boxes Catalogue.
Our music boxes & musical gifts include beautiful musical jewellery boxes, Swiss music boxes from famous names such as Reuge Music, plus some delightful music boxes for children with girls ballerina jewellery boxes, picture music boxes, musical carousels and musical movements to making your own music boxes. We also offer a range of other unique luxury gifts including kaleidoscopes & jewellery.
We offer a gift wrapping service for the majority of our music boxes & gifts which can be delivered to your door world wide!


Carousels of Distinction Musical Carousels, Carousel Music Boxes, Snow Globes & Water Globes

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Music Boxes

Music Boxes

Musical Jewellery Boxes
Exquisite musical jewellery boxes make perfect special occasion gifts. Hand crafted wooden boxes inlaid with beautiful marquetry designs and finished in various woods.

Children's Music Boxes
Beautiful ballerina music boxes for girls & musical treasure boxes for boys. Musical jewellery boxes with a ballerina or fairy figurine that revolves to the music.

Cylinder Music Boxes
Hand crafted cylinder music boxes including famous Swiss names such as Reuge Music. Luxurious music boxes.

Picture Music Boxes
Traditionally made music boxes with pictures on the lids. Open to reveal the musical movement and inside compartment. Ideal for christening gift ideas.

Musical Carousels
Musical Carousels each fitted with a traditional clockwork musical movement. The musical carousels rotate as the music box plays.

Musical Gifts & Collectables
Musical gifts include music collectables, music novelties & music box paperweights fitted with musical movements. You'll never be short of music gift ideas again!

Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes & Gifts

Musical Jewellery Boxes

We are known throughout the world for our selection of exquisite musical jewellery boxes. Each jewellery box is hand crafted and manufactured in the traditional way using only clockwork musical movements. The wooden inlaid jewellery boxes are manufactured to the highest standards using fine woods & veneers and finished in either a gloss or satin varnish. The inlaid designs are the genuine article made of up of many different woods in a "puzzle like" method to create the beautiful design. Any one of our luxurious jewellery boxes is sure to make that perfect gift for your special occasion.

Children's Music Boxes

Our delightful range of children's music boxes are ideal gifts for christenings, birthdays, bridesmaid gifts, christmas and other special occasions. Each of the jewellery boxes have a tiny figurine that pops up and twirls to the music when the lid is lifted. To own one of these is every little girls dream whilst our soft and cuddly range of musicals are sure to enchant your little ones. The enchanting treasure boxes are perfect gifts for boys & girls alike and our new collection of non musical miniature boxes make perfect tiny keepsake or even tooth fairy boxes !
At the bottom of the page is a choice selection of our exquisite inlaid musical boxes which make a very special gift idea.

Cylinder Music Boxes

We offer a beautiful selection of traditional cylinder music boxes with various size movements ranging from small single tune 18 note movements with a 1" cylinder through to the superb sounding Reuge 144 note three tune sublime harmony movement with 9" cylinder. As the musical note & cylinder size increases, so the musical content and performance is enhanced to give a truly prestigious sound from a music box that will surely be treasured for many years to come.

Music Boxes, Wooden Inlaid Jewellery Boxes, Musical Boxes, Music Gifts
Reuge Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Musical Jewelry Boxes
Childrens Music Boxes, Picture Music Boxes, Musical Carousels

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Music boxes, wooden musical jewellery boxes, luxury swiss music boxes
children's music boxes, girls jewellery boxes & music box gifts

jewellery music box & music box gifts
Swiss Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes & Luxury Wooden Inlaid Musical Jewellery Boxes as well as a beautiful range of Children's Music Boxes, Musical Carousels, Music Gifts and Collectables that are sure to make perfect gift ideas for any special occasion.
wooden music boxes & jewellery boxes

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